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Committed to addressing the mental health crisis and substance use, providing competitive training opportunities in high demand jobs, fixing drastic security staff shortages, and focusing on facility modernization and community engagement.  

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A Vision for the Future

Caitlin has spent her professional career serving others as a registered nurse in the Hampshire and Berkshire County correctional facilities. Her position offered a unique insight into the challenges that individuals in the care of correctional facilities and their staff face, the necessary resources needed, and the imperative changes that need to be implemented for positive outcomes to emerge. This, coupled with a deep understanding of the facility operations and management, has lent itself to a revitalized and modern view of correctional security, and to a pragmatic approach to community re-entry focused rehabilitation.


The Hampshire Sheriff's Office is an integral part of Hampshire County, and similarly, Hampshire County is an extension of the Hampshire Sheriff’s community. As such, there is a growing need for the facility’s mission to undergo a significant shift. It is Caitlin’s vision and plan to increase and diversify the range of opportunities made available to individuals in the Hampshire County correctional facility, and to actively engage the community members in their work.


The success of incarcerated individuals and their re-entry into the community rests not only on the shoulders of dedicated, hardworking staff assisting them, but also on the relevance and quality of programs available, and the sincere engagement and investment of the local community in the work performed. At the moment there is a disconnect between the local and Hampshire Sheriff’s communities. It is Caitlin’s goal to bridge that gap. 

Hampshire County is reflected in the character of the hardworking people that live here: conscientious, creative, forward-thinking, and welcoming to their core. The individuals in the care of the Hampshire Sheriff's Office need the support of this community to succeed. 

Through strong leadership, secure facility management, community focused service and rehabilitation, coupled with evidence-based program implementation and technology modernization, the shepherding in of a new era in Hampshire County Corrections is just a vote away.


Visit the About section to learn more about Caitlin's plans for the Hampshire Sheriff Office.


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