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Meet The Candidate

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Caitlin was born and raised in Hampshire County, where she attended both public and private local schools. She received a Bachelor of Science degree from Tufts University, and a Master of Science as well as Bachelor of Science-Nursing (BSN) degrees from University of Massachusetts Amherst. She is also a Certified Correctional Health Care Professional (CCHP).


Caitlin has spent her career in service to others and to the community. She came to Correctional Nursing at the Hampshire Sheriff's Office in 2012 under the astute leadership of the retired Sheriff Robert Garvey, a national leader in correctional excellence. Tireless work in the day-to-day care of justice-involved individuals has played a major role in shaping Caitlin's drive toward excellence in correctional care, custody, and rehabilitation. 

Through the prism of countless daily interactions with justice- involved individuals, Caitlin has seen first-hand the issues facing this population and the institute gradually shift. The old days of “warehousing” offenders, aimed to meet their most basic needs were replaced by emerging mental health struggles, substance abuse, addiction, and deteriorating health. These serious issues have steadily become a new standard rather than an exception. The challenging new reality, coupled with thinly stretched community resources aimed to meet the needs of individuals released from correctional facilities, has created an urgent need for a modernized, innovative, and holistic, approach to corrections; one Caitlin is well poised to accomplish.

As a well-versed, educated, and trained professional, Caitlin is ready to lead the Hampshire Sheriff's Office into the next phase of evolution in corrections and through the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, with an eye towards the future.  



Security, Humanity, Efficiency


  • Elimination of antiquated paper-based record keeping, assessments, and activity log systems.

  • Expansion of existing systems in security and medical​ to increase efficiency and to decrease costs.

  • Introduction of new, streamlined and fiscally responsible systems in training, as well as security management and treatment​ to bring the Hampshire Sheriff's Office into the 21st century.


  • Updated, diversified, and tailored rehabilitation programs that are evidence-based, community specific, and geared towards individuals, instead of a “one size fits all” blanket approach.

  • Focus on federal assistance programs to expand treatment opportunities and vocational options.

  • Streamlined programs and program management to decrease waste and to increase engagement.


  • Robust, modern, and targeted staff recruitment with a focus towards long term retention.​

  • Lateral growth opportunities for staff to increase engagement and career growth.

  • Focus on employee accountability, training, education, staff empowerment, critical thinking, and management.


  • Community outreach and education aimed at connecting the local community to the Hampshire Sheriff's Office and its mission: We are here to serve.

  • Expansion of TRIAD programming for our senior citizens to include versatile offerings and to utilize more diverse staff specialties that address today's issues.

  • Community interactions, collaborations, and support for county youth and local law enforcement agencies to better serve our neighbors.​

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