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Former HSO Employee

"Looking at this election an everyday voter must ask themselves, why did 3 former employees from 3 different departments run against the current Sheriff? The answer is simple - it is time for change and it is time for a Sheriff’s Department that helps serve its community better, its staff better and its inmate population better with more transparency. If you ask the citizens of Hampshire County who their Sheriff is or what the Sheriff’s Department does most of them couldn’t tell you. That needs to change. Treatment programs for inmates need to be brought up to date and modernized, staff need to feel appreciated for the hard work that they do and the community needs to know that their hard-earned tax dollars are making a difference when funding the Sheriff’s Department every year.

Caitlin has a plan for the Hampshire Sheriff’s Department, she is a terrific leader and she is intelligent. She is the right person for this job and it is time for a change at the Sheriff’s Department. It is time for the citizens of Hampshire County to know who their Sheriff is and what the Sheriff’s Department does for their community. Caitlin Sepeda is the best candidate and is best suited to make the necessary changes to best serve our community and all of those who live in or even pass-through Hampshire County. Do your research and ask questions, take the time to meet all 3 candidates and I am confident you will agree with me that Caitlin Sepeda is the right choice to be our Sheriff."

Current HSO Employee

"Caitlin Sepeda has proven to me that she is someone who values a connection with her community, and enjoys the opportunity to help people in any way she can. She has shown me that she has a drive for continuous improvement through transparent communication and hard work.


"I’ve been in the room with Caitlin when issues arise, and I have confidence every time that she will handle them with an unbiased, educated, and caring approach.


Even without an official title, Caitlin is a leader and I hope and pray she gets the opportunity to lead Hampshire County, and serve the communities that we live in."

Leonard Thurman
Retired HSO Nurse

 Hi, I'm Lenny Thurman and I've been a nurse for 41 years. I didn't realize I had hit the wall until Caitlin showed up. It wasn't easy with both of us being strong personalities, but we saw skills and personal drive to do the best in both of us. I was old school and Caitlin came in with a boatload of knowledge. Caitlin's drive in nursing made me remember why I was a nurse and why I was practicing nursing. Best practice, best patient care and the support we gave one another, in one of the most difficult nursing situations, will forever be what I remember. I think we blossomed together as a team and others referred to us as the "A-Team". I've literally worked with thousands of nurses in my career, from general nursing to the state hospital to corrections and together Caitlin and I met every situation with competency, clarity, knowledge and best practice.


My 41 year nursing opinion would be that having a nurse as Sheriff would be adding a compassion factor to corrections that at present does not exist, particularly in regards to the current system and the opiate crisis. Caitlin's experience with MAT would bring a level of knowledge and understanding not presently in existence at the Sheriff's Office.


I've never liked politics. I've never been involved in politics. But, I could not stand by after working with Caitlin for 9 years, seeing her work until the last day of two pregnancies, a kidney stone while in the office and working through COVID together and not say anything. Progressive voters are ready for a strong, compassionate, best-practice drive nurse as Sheriff. It's time.




Leonard Thurman, LPN

Retire HSO Nurse

Current HSO Employee

I have known and worked with Caitlin for many years and have been nothing but impressed by her constant professionalism,  common sense, no-nonsense, hands on approach to leadership. She is involved, not sitting in the background. She is a people person, not a politician. (Though she has the fortitude to be successful in Boston.) In today's communities where criminal justice reform and the opioid epidemic are forefront, (among many other issues,) the old status-quo is not enough anymore. As the old saying goes, "tradition kills." We need a new face with new ideas. I know that with Caitlins background and skill set, she is the ONLY candidate who will be able to tackle all the multifaceted challenges in Hampshire County.

Former HSO Employee

"Working for the Hampshire Sheriff’s Department I had the pleasure of working alongside a lot of truly incredible co-workers, many of whom I consider to be great friends of mine. I can say from firsthand experience the staff that make the facility function and run every day deserve so much better treatment and so much more respect than they currently get.


While I no longer work for the Hampshire Sheriff’s Department as a citizen of Hampshire County and having many staff members there that are close friends of mine still employed there this election is very important to me to have the right person as our Sheriff.


"When Caitlin Sepeda told me she was running for Sheriff, I was intrigued at the thought of her becoming the Sheriff of Hampshire County, Caitlin has determination like no other and has an unmatched work ethic. When I heard her plan if elected as Sheriff and what she wanted to accomplish I knew right away that she receives my vote.


Caitlin brings a fresh and innovative perspective on what the Sheriff’s Department can become and has the drive and determination to effectively change the department for the better."

Marie Rohan
South Hadley

"To the voters of Hampshire County, there are three democratic candidates running for sheriff of Hampshire County.

Each have unique qualifications for managing the Hampshire County Jail and House of Correction.


"I believe Caitlin Sepeda’s background in public health and nursing provide her with the vision needed to lead this facility into the future.

"I encourage voters to read her position papers and to meet her in person. Her position papers lay out how she plans to manage the House of Corrections.


Meeting her you understand that she has the knowledge, skills and ability to put these plans into action."


Penny Schultz 
Lynn Gerlinger
Haydenville pt. 1

"Six years ago, when Patrick Cahillane first sought election as Hampshire County Sheriff, he drew sharp criticism for violating state ethics and campaign finance laws. Candidate Cahillane, then deputy superintendent, marched in a parade with sheriff’s vehicles, a violation of the conflict of interest law.

Then, in October 2016, Cahillane was ordered to return more than $10,000 in campaign contributions because state law forbids unelected public officials from accepting donations from their department employees. In a scathing editorial — “Cahillane’s campaign rules lapses troubling” — the Gazette said, “Such ignorance is unacceptable for a candidate seeking the county’s highest law enforcement position.


Now, after a full term on the job, Cahillane is asking voters to return him to office. Should they? Cahillane is being challenged by two talented and competent women, both of whom spent a decade or more working for Cahillane, and are now running against him to correct problems they witnessed.

Penny Schultz 
Lynn Gerlinger
Haydenville pt. 2


"Caitlin Sepeda stands out, in our opinion, as the best choice in the Sept. 6 primary. Under Cahillane, Hampshire County is the only jail and house of corrections in the state that still relies on typewriters!


Sepeda has vowed to eliminate the current antiquated paper-based record keeping and bring the department into the digital age.

Sheriff Cahillane should be getting incarcerated people ready for good jobs in construction or other well paid trades, rather than jobs like chair caning. Candidate Sepeda promises to revamp vocational training to include well-paid opportunities like commercial driving and hoisting licenses.

Penny Schultz 
Lynn Gerlinger
Haydenville pt. 3


"As a certified correctional health professional with nearly a decade of nursing experience, Caitlin will pursue updated diversified treatment programs that are evidenced based and community specific, rather than the “one size fits all” approach.


She would bring incarcerated people into the Hilltowns to support local community projects like removing litter, painting park benches and band stands, and clearing brush.

We encourage everyone to vote in the primary election on Sept. 6 (the day after Labor Day). It is time to introduce new vision to the office of sheriff of Hampshire County in the person of Caitlin Sepeda."

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