A message about Uvalde

Updated: Jul 13

A message from Caitlin:

“I am a candidate for Hampshire County Sheriff. I’m also a mom to two sons in first and third grade in my local public school. The events yesterday in Texas hit so close to home just as Columbine did weeks before I graduated high school, Virginia Tech shortly after I started Graduate school and Sandy Hook as I cradled my 5 week old son. No matter which side of the aisle you sit on I think we can all agree the massacre of innocent children in schools, who should be learning, playing and growing is a bridge too far to cross. I for one am TIRED of thoughts and prayers. I am TIRED of well meaning condolences. I want actions and results. I encourage everyone to DO something. Whether that is run for office like me in order to enact change and be able to offer tangible support to our schools in the form of officers, or call your elected officials demanding they act, talk to your children about mental health and saying something if they see something, VOTE, write letters, advocate with your family and in your community. School shootings should not be an inevitability. The collective voice of concerned, frightened and angry parents, on behalf of the children we love so much, could move mountains. My heart breaks for the families affected and the community of Uvalde, Texas. Please let this be the last time our children have to bear the consequences of our inaction.”

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