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As we race to the finish, thank you!

Dear Residents of Hampshire County,

The last six months have been an exciting journey. As a candidate for Hampshire County Sheriff, I have had the pleasure of meeting you in person, communicating with you via my website, Facebook, and Instagram pages, as well as various media channels. I have learned that we are so much more alike than different and have been encouraged to see an interest in change from so many of you. I have done my best to share my plans for the Hampshire County Sheriff’s Office, and to illuminate many glaring issues within the current office that most residents have little understanding of, or access to.

I have highlighted many problems that have surfaced or worsened, specifically during the current administration, and are plaguing the facility without a solid plan in sight. These issues are serious and in need of urgent reform. They are either a direct result of mismanagement or simply a lack of leadership, knowledge, and sound judgment within the current administration of the Hampshire County Sheriff. I have tried to offer sound solutions to these issues and pragmatic plans for improvement.

There is no excuse for many missed opportunities for grants which hold the potential of turning incarcerated individuals’ lives around. There should be no tolerance for bad internal policies or questionable administrative behavior.

A lack of forethought has caused severe staff shortages, putting the security staff as well as the incarcerated individuals at elevated risk of bodily injury and needs to be rectified. Most importantly, we cannot passively accept the lack of initiative and foresight to properly address the mental health crisis.

Underneath a layer of glossy Facebook posts highlighting some achievements that are in stark contrast to the outdated and irrelevant content of the Hampshire County Sheriff’s Office website, there is an actual reality within the four walls of the Hampshire Sheriff’s Office that does not look as balanced and polished as it is portrayed to be. I hope voters have had a chance to read, reflect, and ask the tough questions of both themselves and the candidates.

As a constituent in this election, you can be the change that you would like to see. I invite you to do your research, ask questions, demand changes, and make your stance known on September 6. Together, we can overhaul this administration and this facility, so that it reflects the goals of our time and the values of our minds and hearts. Other local sheriff departments are ahead of us, and they have many illustrious achievements to prove it, but we can catch up. Do not miss the opportunity to reshape the Hampshire Sheriff’s Office, its facility, and the population within it.

Best wishes,


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