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Democratic Field is Set

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

The Daily Hampshire Gazette posted a story this week after the official Democratic Primary ballot was set. Candidates were required to get their certified signatures, along with other documentation, to the Secretary of the Commonwealth's Office by May 31st for final verification. Previously announced challenger, John "Jack" Vanasse has withdrawn his bid for election making the Democratic Primary a winner take all event.

In this article, we at #SepedaForSheriff would encourage every voter to take note of the final paragraphs which discuss fundraising and campaign finance and then to visit the Office of Campaign and Political Finance (OCPF) main page to understand how campaign funding works. We encourage voters to review campaign contributions/contributors for all of the candidates in the race and pay particular attention to where money is coming from, the accuracy and timeliness of reporting, the completeness of reporting and any audit correspondence, all of which can be viewed when searching a particular campaign (numbers 18000 (Sepeda), 18066 (Gittelson) and 16370 (Cahillane) ). These are all public documents and give an overview of how a candidate and campaign complies with the strict regulations of finance transparency and accountability.

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