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Deputy Superintendent Resigns Effective Immediately

This is an important story.

Sheriff Cahillane was aware of the actions of the Deputy Superintendent for at least 2 days prior to her resignation, and likely longer. The Sheriff is previously quoted as saying, when contacted by Gazette reporter Brian Steele about the police reports. "If you didn't tell me, I would know nothing about it...". A state employee, who reports directly to the Sheriff himself, in a state vehicle, on the clock, in the middle of a Monday afternoon engaging in this type of activity, presumably aimed at benefitting the Sheriff, and he knows nothing about it? If that is the case, what other questionable, illegal, bullying behavior is going on at the jail without him noticing? Not only aimed at employees, but the incarcerated population. The Sheriff is an elected law enforcement official put in this position specifically to notice things like this and address them immediately. Or, better still, lead in such a way that employees would not even think of behaving this way.

In that time she continued to report to work, be involved in facility operations and supervise staff, including the staff member who filed the reports. The Sheriff is quoted in this article as saying, “I will never tolerate this conduct from any staff…” But he did. For 2 days. No Administrative leave. No leave of absence. He contacted General Counsel immediately and was instructed to start an investigation but did not to place the Deputy Superintendent on leave pending that investigation.

Her actions were not only tolerated, they were protected. For days. By the Sheriff himself.

I am hopeful this investigation will be thorough and swift. I am hopeful the findings will be public and published. Taxpayer dollars are paying for it and we should all learn the full outcome and the depth of this behavior within the current Administration.

Caitlin Sepeda

Candidate for Hampshire County Sheriff

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