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Happy Correctional Officer and Employee Appreciation

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

May 1-7, 2022 marks Correctional Officer and Employees Appreciation Week. The men and women of corrections perform an exceptionally difficulty role within law enforcement. Frequently not seen, historically misunderstood and increasingly called upon to broaden the role they play beyond custodial. Correctional officers provide care, supervision, role modelling and counselling (to name just a few hats they wear) to justice involved individuals within correctional institutions.

As a candidate for Hampshire County Sheriff, Caitlin believes the voices, suggestions, needs and most importantly, safety of the staff, particularly those of correctional officers, are of paramount concern. By making this an administration priority, justice involved individuals will be better served in a safer institution, staff will feel valued and respected and the community will gain a desirable partnership with an employer who is not only a leader in modern rehabilitative corrections, but one that individuals respect and want to work for.

Please join us in thanking all Correctional Officers and Employees for their dedicated and tireless service to their jobs, the individuals in their care and to their communities.

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