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Mini-Golf Success

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

What a fantastic event! Thank you to the South Hadley Democratic Town Committee for hosting a great event that brought together candidates for office (Kim Driscoll! Tara Jacobs! Dan Carey! So many more!), community members and families for a great day of mini-golf and conversations filled with idea sharing. Being able to talk with so many people about why this race matters, what a Sheriff does for individuals in their care and this campaign’s platform for change was amazing.

Caitlin was able to talk about the local impact of corrections on communities with lots or Hampshire County voters and also discuss statewide issues that will impact corrections and Hampshire County with candidate for Lt. Govern or Kim Driscoll and others.

The job of Hampshire County Sheriff is so multifaceted. One needs to have a firm gasp on the factors effecting individuals coming into our care, such as addiction, mental health struggles and lack of job readiness, as well as an understanding of how statewide and federal issues will impact corrections such as the POST Commission, Criminal Justice Reform Act requirements, MAT provisions and PREA reporting, just to name a few. All of this and more while needing to update an antiquated facility that still keeps records with typewriters, enhance staff training and recruitment efforts to meet present needs all the while being fiscally responsible to the community supporting us.

These are no small tasks but with 10 years of day to day operational experience and correctional nursing specialization under her belt, Caitlin is more than prepared, qualified and ready for this role.

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