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Q&A: Tangible Results

Do you think you will be able to provide tangible results within your term?

As a nurse, tangible results are what I am trained in. Nursing Care Plans are formulated with measurable outcomes in mind and every patient as a care plan, often several. As the patient improves and meets those initial goals, we celebrate the success and the plan is revised with a new goal in mind, until the final patient specific outcome is achieved. It is the work I am doing every single day. I am the only candidate in this race who has laid out a series of specific plans, and not just ideas, aimed at the achievement of the goals in my platform. I am a firm believer in well thought out plans, measurable outcomes, frequent assessments to the course of action and revision as necessary to achieve the goal.

As a candidate seeking public office to run an institution supported entirely by taxpayer dollars, measurable outcomes are a requirement. Engaging in evidence based work and tracking outcomes of programs and initiatives should be standard practice. There is no taxpayer who should be paying for a failing program. There is no taxpayer who should be paying for a pipe dream. There is no taxpayer who should be paying for deadweight payroll. There is no taxpayer who should be paying for the expansion of an unsuccessful initiative. There is no legislative body that is going to entertain me, as Sheriff of Hampshire County, asking for more fiscal resources for a program I can’t prove has a track record of success.

Tangible results are not difficult to attain if the plan is clearly laid out. At the Hampshire Sheriff Office a number of current programs make use of SMART goals: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound goals. The current Administration should take a page out of this recovery book, because the process works. Creating step by step plans, understood by all those involved, with a framework to follow, regular check-ins by senior staff to make sure everyone is on the right track and active administrative oversight to hold all involved accountable are the very basic pieces to attaining results. This will be implemented by my Administration.

For an institution, long under an Administration with no clear focus, the staff are eager to achieve results. The staff and incarcerated individuals are hungry to get a win under their belts. I have a clear and detailed multi-year plan of success laid out, much of which has been regularly published on my website for all to see. There is low hanging fruit: technology upgrades, staff morale initiatives, program expansion via staff reallocation which will create rapid success and early momentum. The goals become increasingly complex and challenging as we go along. The current Administration has had difficulty multitasking. For one reason or another, the current Administration has publicly stated that prior initiatives have been placed on the back burner in favor of a singular goal: staff recruitment. All of the candidates in this race agree that staffing issues are a primary concern, but the current Administration has had nearly 6 years to address the issue; it’s not a new one. However, this is a multi-faceted agency with a number of stakeholders and priorities; the Sheriff needs to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time. Every single aspect of the Administration does not need to be focused on this one goal. There should be a set of goals clearly laid out for each department which helps it move towards success in the overall facility vision. That is not happening. They are treading water. There is no forward momentum.

I have created a Master Plan, significant portions of which have been publicly shared, so that all can see the goal and hold us accountable. Accountability to results, necessary to the success of all of our stakeholders, is a significant portion of what is lacking in the current Administration and what will be changed on Day 1 of the Sepeda Administration.

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