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Thank you!

This has been a wild ride and a learning experience. I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has been involved in my campaign and candidacy. I worked with a small, but dedicated group of volunteers without whom I could not have been nearly as successful as I was. Thank you to everyone who voted for me, hosted a lawn, donated, organized a meet and greet or attended one, watched or went to any of the candidate forums, reached out on social media, chatted when I knocked on your door, subscribed to my website and newsletter or advocated on behalf of my candidacy to their friends and family. I am grateful and humbled by all of it. 8 months ago no one knew very much about the office of Sheriff and even less about me. Fast forward to September 6th and nearly 6k voters checked my name on their ballot (that’s 1 in 4 voters, wow!) and nearly twice the people voted for Sheriff in this election than 6 years ago. Both of those things are something I’m incredibly proud of.

While the election outcome wasn’t what I had hoped it would be, I’m proud of the race I ran, the concerns I raised, the solutions I offered and the awareness I brought to issues facing incarcerated individuals and the facility. In particular, I’d like to thank the dedicated staff who work in corrections who were overwhelmingly supportive of my campaign. These are humble, dedicated public servants who work behind the scenes and aren’t given the recognition they deserve for the difficult and dangerous work they do on a daily basis. I hope I did them proud and made the public aware of some of what they are experiencing on a regular basis and how we might all help them.

I encourage voters to stay engaged with this position and the Office of the Sheriff. Please continue to ask questions. Demand answers and accountability. Follow the outcome of the “external investigation” regarding reported staff intimidation. Demand to know where your tax dollars are being spent and the success of those programs. Ask about compliance and audit results (don’t take Facebooks’s word on the success). Ask about the typewriters. Ask about mental health services. Look for the Sheriff’s Department at your community events and go talk to the folks if you find them. Ask them questions. Offer them your thanks, because, boy do they both deserve it and not hear it nearly enough.

I’m proud of the community I live in and the career I have chosen. As a take a little break to reflect on this experience with my family, I hope we will all do our part to see with clear eyes and an open mind, all of the folks who make up this community and to do our very best to help one another be successful. Service to others helps us be better versions of ourselves. Thank you for supporting me in this journey.


(And the Sepeda Family)

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